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These pictures show a curved maple staircase while in progress and after completion. Notice the smooth continuous curve and no posts at the corners. This beautiful staircase was featured in "Colorado Home & Lifestyles" magazine.

  Maple Curved Staircase...

This shows the staircase in mid-build, notice the walnut strip insert in the hand rail. Any Master Carver will tell you, it can be a very complicated task to insert a different type of wood into a hand rail.

  Maple Curved Staircase... The completed staircase, and a clear view of the walnut strip insert.
  Maple Curved Staircase... A final close-up of the walnut strip insert, and again, the smooth curve with the most delicate details highlighting the outstanding craftsmanship of the work.
  Maple Curved Staircase... Seen here is the beautiful continuous curve of this fabulous staircase.
  Maple Curved Staircase... The final staircase with the owner's interior decoration to compliment this area of their home.

The oak staircase on the left was the cover story of "Timber Homes Illustrated", 2003.

  Oak Staircase...

These photos both show the same staircase from two different view points.


The rail at the top of the staircase shown below

  Oak Staircase... Oak Railing...

These Photos showcase an elegant staircase made of Honduras Mahogany.

  Honduran Mahagony 1


As these photographs illustrate, sometimes the grandest and most beautiful part of a staircase is the wood itself.

  Honduran Mahagony 2 Notice the fine and simple details in the carving and the smooth unbroken lines.
  Honduran Mahagony 3 Our owner's expert eye is able to determine the exact type of work that will bring out the true beauty of any wood.
  Honduran Mahagony 4 Honduran Mahagony 4
  Curved Handrail Build These photos show a continuous Hand Carved-Curved Handrail 23 feet in length. The attention to detail of the carved grape leaves represents the level of craftsmanship that is available.
  Curved Handrail Detail Continuous Handrail bottom
  Continuous Handrail Top  
    Walnut Post to Post Staircase
  stair 1 stair3
  stair2 stair2
  stair2 stair2
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